Receive 15% of your window / Siding project! Valid from November 16th to 31st.
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Energy Trust

All Season is a 5 star trade ally of the Energy Trust of Oregon

Energy Trust of Oregon offers great incentives when you buy new windows, and All Season Windows can help you receive them. We’ll fill out the paperwork for you, and we even offer the cash back discount in-house—no waiting for a check to arrive in the mail.

We’ve worked with Energy Trust for many years, and have attained their highest rating (5-Star Trade Allies) based on our demonstrated knowledge of all the latest Energy Trust standards, incentives, and installation quality requirements. We’re proud to say our work has always passed Energy Trust’s energy audits.

We will help you find the right Energy Trust-certified windows for your home or business, not only so you can receive cash incentives and discounts but so you can reduce utility bills over the life of your investment.

Energy Trust of Oregon Incentives  

Homeowners can read about all the latest incentives for installing Energy Trust qualified high-efficiency windows here. Details on different types of multi-family installations are available here, and commercial incentives can be found here.

As a 5-Star Trade Ally contractor of Energy Trust of Oregon, we understand all the requirements for every type of property. We will make it easy for you to receive the cash incentives and state energy tax credits you earn by improving the energy efficiency of your home.

General Requirements

Oregon customers heating their homes with electricity or natural gas from Portland General Electric, Pacific Power, NW Natural, Cascade Natural Gas, or Avista may be eligible to participate in Energy Trust of Oregon programs.

Washington customers heating their homes with natural gas from NW Natural may receive incentives as well.

Windows must meet have a U-Value of 0.30 or lower.

  • .30 U-value windows: Get $1.75 back per square foot of glass space
  • .27 U-value or lower windows: Get $4.00 back per square foot of glass